Press Inquiries

Applying for press credentials


To apply for press credentials, please follow the link at the bottom of this page. Before doing so, however, it is important to understand what we consider media coverage.

Only journalists actively writing and publishing for a legitimate media outlet will be considered for credentials. If you are a freelance journalist, you must be on assignment from a legitimate media outlet. Photographers must also be on assignment. Spec photography, portfolio photography, and personal website photography are not valid assignments.

Analysts, market researchers, marketing and advertising firms, brand content producers, consultants, media coaches, educators, filmmakers, personal bloggers, etc. are not included in the Pandemonio definition of legitimate media. If you fall into this category, but are a contributor to an outlet that meets our qualifications, you must be on assignment, and provide a Letter of Assignment from your Editor, and share a byline from a recognized national or international publication written in the past 3 months on topics relevant to Pandemonio’s core themes of business technology disruption, and the sensing, decision-making, and automation technologies we cover.

To apply for credentials, the assigning Editor/Producer must fill out an online application form. If you are not the assigning Editor/Producer or are a freelance journalist or photographer, please forward this form to the appropriate person to be completed. Requests for accreditation will only be considered if submitted via this official online process with the online application form completed accordingly. Application requests sent by email will not be accepted.

An application for press credentials must be completed February 13, 2017 to be considered for coverage. If you are approved for credentials, you will receive notification by email, and be assigned a media pass for the event. Note that acceptance does not include reimbursement of travel costs of any kind.

Pandemonio reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation. The decision is final and cannot be appealed. If you attended a previous year’s events as media, you must include examples of past coverage to be considered for this year.

Thanks for your interest in covering Pandemonio! Here’s the form.