Jueves 16 de Febrero de 2017

Grand 3 Breakout
9:00 Alistair & Bryan

Opening remarks

9:20 Alistair Croll

Founder, Solve for Interesting

Sense, Decide Act: The OODA of Great Companies

9:40 Carme Artigas

Founder and CEO, Synergic Partners,
a Telefonica company

Beyond Big Data: New Realities [ES]

10:20 Descanso
10:40 Coco Krumme

Adjunct faculty at UC Berkeley and Head of Data Science at Haven

How Predictable? The Limits of Machine Learning in Describing Human Behavior

11:20 Jeremy Herrman

CTO and Founder, Plethora

Machines and People: Compassionate Automation in the Age of Productivity

Erin Akred

Head of Datakind Labs, Datakind

Doing good with Data

12:00 Diego Saenz

Managing Director, Accenture Digital

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business [ES]

Ari Gesher

Founder and Director of Software Engineering, Kairos Aerospace

On the Unreasonable Power of the Modern Data Startup

12:40 Almuerzo
13:40 Loïc Hamon

Evangelist, GE Digital

GE Digital, the 125-Year-Old Startup [ES]

Aneesh Karve – Ver el video
Co-founder, Quilt
Emotional Machines: The Limits of Artificial Intelligence
14:20 Manuel Garcia Herranz

Lead Research Scientist, UNICEF

Using Data at the UN [ES]

Robert Passarella

Chief Investment Strategist, Protegé Partners

Darwinian Evolution of Finance: Enter Machine Learning

15:00 Descanso
15:20 David Boyle

SVP Insights, British Broadcasting Corporation

Transformation and Disruption Through Data

16:00 Min Chen


Alternate Realities, Traditional Businesses [ES]

16:40 David Chouinard – Ver el video
Connectivity Lab, Facebook
Connecting the Next Billion

 Viernes 17 de Febrero de 2017

Grand 3 Theatre
9:30 Alistair & Bryan

Day two opening remarks

9:40 Alasdair Allan – Ver el video
Founder, Babilim Light Industries
The Little Things of Horror
10:20 Lider Sucre

Regional Councillor, International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Stories from the Rainforest – What Nature can teach Business [ES]

John Akred

Chief Technology Officer, Silicon Valley Data Science

The More Things the Merrier: The Network Effects of Devices That Sense, Reason, and Act

11:00 Descanso
11:30 Monika Bielskyte

Creative Strategist, All Future Everything

Virtual Reality as Possibility Space

Jesse Robbins

CEO, Orion Labs:

The Future of Communications

12:10 Roy Hyunjin Han

Co-founder/Computational Engineer, Crosscompute

Power of Choice: How to Grow a Country [ES]

Renee Diresta

Co-founder and VP Business Development, Haven

Transforming Trade: Logistics Beyond Human Scale

12:50 Almuerzo
13:50 Angelique Mohring

CEO and Founder, GainX

Innovation is Not for Mere Humans

Randy Smerik

Founder, Osunatech

There’s No Such Thing as Big Data

14:30 Gustavo Huerta Vargas

CEO and Founder, Bluebox Ventures

The Era of Corporate Disruption [ES]

Brady Forrest

VP & CoFounder, Highway One

Behind the Scenes of the Modern Hardware Startup Ecosystem

15:10 Descanso
15:30 Jon Gosier

Founder, Audigent

The Stats, Tech, and Science of the Attention Economy

16:10 Susan Etlinger

Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group

Image Intelligence: Making Visual Content Predictive

Las charlas serán en español e inglés, con traducción simultánea, tanto de los discursos como de las diapositivas, permitiéndole a los participantes escoger a qué sesión asistir.

Pandemon.io - February 15-17, 2017