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From connecting the world, to getting presidents elected, to transforming logistics, to inventing the underlying protocols of the modern Internet, each of our speakers has been hand-curated to ensure an unprecedented lineup of technology, business, and futurism.
Each of the speakers below has made a career of inventing the future, whether that’s building successful companies, crafting global brands, revealing the underbelly of our tech-driven society, or pushing forward important business and ethical conversations. We’ll be updating this page as we unveil additional speakers in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates.

Alistair Croll

Founder, Solve for Interesting
Montreal, Canada

Bio: Alistair Croll works with early-stage companies on startup acceleration, and with global firms on business model innovation. Alistair has launched and sold a range of technology startups, including web performance pioneer Coradiant (sold to BMC in 2011). A guest lecturer on data science and critical thinking at Harvard Business School, Alistair is the author of four books on technology and business including the best-selling Lean Analytics, and has launched and chaired some of the world’s leading technology conferences.

Carme Artigas

Founder and CEO, Synergic Partners, a Telefonica Company
Barcelona, Spain

Bio: Carme Artigas co-founded Synergic Partners, a strategic and technological consultancy that specializes in Data Management, Government and Analysis. She has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the University Ramon Llull of Barcelona, as well as an Executive Degree in Venture Capital from the Haas School of University of Berkeley in California. She has served as CEO of Ericsson Innova; Chairman of WIVA (International Wireless Internet Venture Association); the CEO of Catalonia Open Administration Consortium; and the Director of Business Incubators & Innovation Network for the City of Barcelona.

David Chouinard

Universal Internet Access, Facebook Connectivity Lab.
San Francisco, CA

Bio: David Chouinard is a product engineer who’s fascinated by building things people can use. He currently works on making Internet Access available to everyone as part of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab. Prior to this he worked in the Imagineering group at Disney; at flight tracking startup FlightAware; and at Harvard on making computer science education work properly.  Read the interview. 

Diego Saenz

Managing Director, Accenture Digital
Miami, FL

Bio: Diego Saenz is managing director at Accenture Digital. He’s built leading-edge, scalable digital platforms for large global corporations such as Pepsi, Mattel, American Girl, and Burger King, as well as venture-backed startups. From 1992 to 1997 he served as the Chief Information Officer for Pepsi’s Latin American division; he has also built two successful internet businesses. A proponent of Lean Startup and data-driven management, Diego speaks and writes about business innovation, digital transformation, and the use of big data in organizations of all sizes.

Erin Akred

Head of Datakind Labs, Datakind
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Erin has worked with the White House and Crowdpac to get technology into the hands of citizens, improving democracy and civic engagement. She’s also focused on R&D consulting in academia and at consulting firms, and currently acts as the in-house data scientist for Datakind, an organization that puts data scientists in contact with some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Alasdair Allan

Founder, Bablim Light Industries
Exeter, United Kingdom

Bio: Alasdair started his career researching high-energy physics, but gradually drifted towards playing with the toys, and became a pioneer in machine learning, big data, mobile systems, and the Internet of Things.  A prolific author and writer, he likes to push the boundaries of technology, whether deploying a 500-node mesh network for Google; launching a privacy scandal by uncovering that your iPhone was recording your location all the time, or building a distributed telescopes network that that has detected the most distant object yet discovered.   Read the interview. 

Renee Diresta

Founder & VP Marketing, Haven
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Renee Diresta co-founded automated freight procurement startup Haven. She has worked in government, in quantitative finance, and as a VC. As a trader, she modelled the fair value of emerging market derivatives (ETFs, ADRs, etc) and made markets. In seed-stage venture capital, she identified market drivers and technological/societal trends, then formed investment opinions about very young companies. Renee does angel investment in hardware and IOT, and wrote, “The Hardware Startup: Building Your Product, Business, and Brand”.  Read the interview. 

Jesse Robbins

Founder & CEO, Orion Labs
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Jesse Robbins, Founder & CEO, of Orion Labs, Inc., is a technology entrepreneur and firefighter notable for his contributions in wearable communication, web operations, DevOps, and emergency management. Jesse worked at with the title of “Master of Disaster,” where he pioneered the field of resilience testing. He also founded Chef, a cloud infrastructure automation company, and served as a Task Force Leader during Hurricane Katrina. Upon his return Jesse worked to improve how technology is adopted in disaster response & humanitarian aid—improvements which have now been adopted by the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre.

Susan Etlinger

Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Susan Etlinger is an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, a Prophet company, where she conducts independent research on on data strategy, analytics and privacy. Susan works with some of the world’s biggest companies on turning strategic, ethical data use into organizational culture and practice. A TED alumnus, she is widely recognized as one of the most influential voices in the Big Data industry.  Read the interview. 

Jon Gosier

Chief Executive Officer, Audigent
Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Jon Gosier is co-Founder and CEO of AuDigent. He has nearly a decade of experience in data science and international business. In that time he’s lead an array of data projects as a consultant to EMC, Google, FEMA, InQTel, The World Bank, U.S. Department of State, Wounded Warriors and as a sub-contractor to the Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin, He has has worked extensively throughout the African continent where he founded Appfrica. Jon’s work has been recognized with awards from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Harvard Initiative for Global Health, and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF). Jon is a long-time member of the TED’s Senior Fellowship program.  Read the interview. 

Gustavo Huerta Vargas

CEO and Founder, BlueBox Ventures
Mexico City, Mexico

Bio: Gustavo is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over a decade’s experience growing and operating some of Latin America’s most successful organizations. He founded BlueBox, the largest network of accelerators, incubators, and corporate venture funds in Latin America, where he works closely with key companies such as ABIbev, Grupo Modelo, Volaris, Cinépolis, and Axtel. He also contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through various NGOs.

Aneesh Karve

Founder and CTO, Quilt Data
Phoenix, AZ

Bio: Aneesh has worked as a product manager, lead designer, and software engineer at companies like Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Matterport. Aneesh was the general manager and founding member of AdJitsu, the first realtime 3D advertising platform for iOS, acquired by Amobee in 2012. He holds degrees in chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. Aneesh’s research background spans proteomics, machine learning, and algebraic number theory.

Angelique Mohring

CEO and founderGainX Global
Kitchener, ON  Canada

Bio: Angelique Mohring, founder and CEO of GainX, works on innovation with Global 2000 companies. An award winner for work in STEM, she is currently a nominee as one of Canada’s most influential women. In the UK, she is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway Board.  Angelique is sought-after public speaker internationally on subjects such as collaborative innovation, open thinking, economy, diversity, and intrapreneurship.  Read the interview. 

Jeremy Herrman

Founder, Plethora
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Jeremy Herrman co-founded Plethora, a rapid manufacturing service that lets you go from a 3D design to physical objects faster than ever before using a new kind of automated factory that instantly configures itself to produce custom parts. At Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, Jeremy built rich media authoring tools for distance education, and later built one of the world’s first 3D Printing Photo Booths. Jeremy believes that by crafting better tools at the intersection of hardware and software, we can give society the power to bring ideas to life quickly and economically.

John Akred

Founder & CTO , Silicon Valley Data Science
San Francisco, CA

Bio: With over 15 years in advanced analytical applications and architecture, John is dedicated to helping organizations become more data-driven. He combines deep expertise in analytics and data science with business acumen and dynamic engineering leadership.

Min  Chen

Panama City, Panama

Bio: Min is a multicultural entrepreneur, software engineer and active volunteer. She founded her first company Alcenit Corporation in 2006 to provide IT advisory services to the leading companies and most influential government institutions in Panama.  Her second entrepreneurial experience happened within IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Panama. After 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, she approached entrepreneurship from an engineering perspective. She co-founded REDOXIGEN, a factory to create interrelated tech-based innovation. It became a semifinalist at the GIST TECH-I global science and technology entrepreneurship competition and the winner of Seedstars 2016 as the best startup in Panama.

Monika Bielskyte

Creative Strategist Kenzo Digital, Founder All Future Everything
Berlin, Germany

Bio: A creative director and strategist working at the intersection of culture and technology, Monika focuses on immersive media technologies and the digital formats of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual reality.  She works to inspire people to see these new mediums as tools to expand the human potential—creatively, intellectually, emotionally—rather than as a means to escape, isolate, or reduce ourselves in our humanity. She explores how people perceive the future around the globe, making sense of this plurality of vision, helping to prototype the possible futures: Story-world design in the context of bleeding-edge of scientific discovery, but also political, social, and environmental innovation.

David Boyle

EVP Insights BBC Worldwide, Harper Collins Publishers, EMI Music
New York, NY

Bio: David is the Executive Vice-President of Insight for BBC Worldwide. He’s held similar positions at publishing giant HarperCollins and music label EMI, where he conducted surveys of millions of music fans worldwide to understand how and where music is consumed. With decades of experience building global teams in business and politics, David makes analytics and data science relevant to executives worldwide.  Read the interview.

Ari Gesher

Director of Software Engineering at Kairos Aerospace, Palantir Technologies
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Ari Gesher is the Director of Software Engineering at Kairos Aerospace, putting sensors into space to monitor the planet. Before Kairos, Ari was an early employee and Engineering Ambassador for data science giant Palantir; and the maintainer of the open source archive. Ari speaks frequently on topics such as human-computer symbiosis as system design aesthetic; the limits of automated decision-making; and privacy architectures for a world where everything is recorded—which he covered in The Architecture of Privacy, a book about how companies can responsibly hold data about people while preserving their privacy to the greatest extent possible.  Read the interview. 

Robert Passarella

Manager Protege Partners, Bloomberg
New York, NY

Bio: Rob has been dealing with data and commerce for decades. An executive at data pioneer Datasift—as well as financial heavyweights Bloomberg and Dow Jones—has equipped him to understand just how much algorithms, fed by a vast body of structured and unstructured information, can change the way business runs. In his new role at Protégé Partners, he’s evaluating the “new quant”: Companies that base their investment strategies on Artificial Intelligence.

Coco Krumme

Adjunct faculty at UC Berkeley and Head of Data Science at Haven
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Coco is an expert in behavioral economics, mathematical modeling, and product management. She teaches data science at UC Berkeley, and holds a Ph.D from MIT. An expert in agriculture and food, she has worked with Planet Labs and The Climate Corporation, and currently heads up data science at Haven.

Roy Hyunjin Han

Co-Founder and Computational Engineer, CrossCompute
New York, NY

Bio: Roy Hyunjin Han brings computational science into schools to inspire future scientists and engineers, helping students turn analytical scripts into web tools shared online. He also creates infrastructure planning tools for the Sustainable Engineering Lab of Columbia University, which have trained utility owners in every corner of the world. By combining econometric and spatial information, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Asia Development Bank and Inter-American Development Bank can plan and budget new utility infrastructure.

Randy Smerik

Founder, Osunatech
San Diego, CA

Bio: Randy Smerik is an experienced serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience .  Randy’s background and experience includes: Founder/CEO of Osunatech, Inc.; VP/GM of LSI Corp’s Networking business which he led after LSI acquired his company Tarari, Inc. Randy was the Founder and President/CEO of Tarari which focused on software and silicon solutions for deep packet inspection.  In addition to his high-tech endeavours, Randy owns and runs the San Diego-based restaurant, Solare Ristorante, and is on the Board of Directors for Fortaleza Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico). A frequent industry speaker in the areas of venture capital and entrepreneurship, Randy is an active angel investor and advisor to a variety of startups, accelerators, and investment organizations.

Brady Forrest

VP & Co-Founder, Highway1, Ignite Talks
San Francisco, CA

Bio: Brady Forrest cofounded Ignite, a talk series which has been held thousands of times around the world. He is the founder of Highway1, a Bay Area hardware accelerator that creates new products. A frequent speaker on hardware, the Maker movement, and technology, he co-authored The Hardware Startup. He’s worked with 500 Startups and Khosla Ventures, and chaired O’Reilly technology conferences.

Manuel García Herranz

Lead Research Scientist – UNICEF Innovation Unit
New York, NY

Bio: Manuel is the lead research scientist at the UNICEF Innovation Unit (NY). He holds a Ph.D with from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.  He has also worked with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California San Diego, and continues to contribute to Madrid’s Down Syndrome Foundation. Manuel is fascinated by human behavior and dynamics, particularly the study of computational social networks, complex systems and behavioral dynamics. He focuses on how new types of data and analysis can be used for human development, to reach the hardest to reach and provide humanitarian awareness of places in which traditionally there is little or none. 

Loïc Hamon

Evangelist –GE Renewable Energy/GE Digital
São Paulo, Brazil

Bio: Loïc Hamon is a member of the GE Digital executive committee in LatAm in addition to his CIO role at GE Renewable Energy. If you bump into him in an elevator, he’ll most likely end-up explaining to you how GE, a respectable 125-year-old lady, is reinventing itself into a nimble start-up currently leading the innovation agenda of the 4th industrial revolution.In addition to Digital Transformation, his all-time favorite topic is Predix, “the Operating System of the Industrial Internet”. He invests considerable time evangelizing colleagues, customers (friends & family…) on this platform that is about to change the face of the industry.Over the past 12 years, he occupied IT leadership positions in several GE businesses.He has also worked as CIO for several multinational companies such as Willis Towers Watson, Sony Pictures & SABIC.

Lider Sucre

Regional Councillor – International Union for the Conservation of Nature
Panama City, Panama

Bio: Lider has been integrally involved in environmental activism in Panama for over a decade. After graduating with an MBA from Harvard University, Lider returned to Panama to work as the Executive Director of Panama’s National Association for the Conservation of Nature (ANCON), the most renowned environmental NGO in Panama. He has also worked as Executive Director of the Museum of Biodiversity in Panama. He now runs WildlifeWorks‘ Latin America operations from Panama.  He is also the Co-director of Earth train.